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Healthy lunch/dinner ideas!

1:14 AM

Hi guys!
Lately I've been trying to eat healthier and choose types of food which provide more energy and give a boost to my metabolism!

Being aware of the different proprieties of the food we eat is really important and can help you from avoiding mistakes you don't even know you're making.
I decided to show you a few ideas which are both lunch and dinners that I've been eating lately: I tried to make them as healthy and balanced as possible!

Salads ideas:

1. boiled spinaches, avocado, stir fried yellow peppers and tuna

2. boiled spinaches, stir fried cherry tomatoes, avocado and cooked surimi with a sprinkle of parsley

Steamed spinaches mixed with egg whites and tuna and a side of stir fried mushrooms with onion and parsley

Egg with mushrooms and parsley and a side of oven baked asparagus and green beans 

Stir fried red peppers and tomatoes with one egg with tuna on top

Whole pasta with homemade sauce: yellow peppers, tomato sauce, one melted anchovy, a few drops of aromatic vinegar, a bit of sea salt and olive oil to cook.
Optional: I also made a topping sauce to add more proteins to the whole meal! It's totally optional! You can make it with a bit of margarine, one teaspoon of cheese of your choice (I used fresh italian parmisan cheese but you can use any other cheese or tofu), two table spoon of any milk of your choice and a bit of sea salt and nutmeg. If you want it to be a bit more creamy you can add one single tea spoon of whole or plain flour (make sure to sift it out).

Steamed shrimps, egg whites omelette with pepper and nutmeg, avocado and a slice of whole grain bread

Cooked surimi, stir fried shrimps with parsley and boiled Brussels sprouts.

I hope you found this post useful and that you can be a bit inspired by my ideas!

V. x

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