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Healthy Gelato!

11:46 PM

We all love ice cream, or being Italian I should properly call it gelato! It really satisfies any sweet cravings but of course it's full of sugar, milk and sometimes even gluten.
I decided to try a recipe to make a healthier dairy and gluten free version of it and share it with you! Here it is, it's unbelievely simple and only contains 3 ingredients. It makes one cup of gelato so you can calculate the proportions if you need to make more! 

1 banana, chopped and frozen
2 teaspoon of row almond, peanut or pistachio butter
chocolate chips

All you have to do is blend them together with a powerful blender and the gelato is ready! Make sure you keep it in the freezer.

This is the plain version of it, if you want a little bit more flavour you can feel free to add cinnamon, melted chocolate, Greek yogurt, chopped nuts, berries or anything really! 

Hope you enjoyed, let me know in the comments! 


V. x

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