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Fashion thoughts: from past to future

5:29 PM

Hi guys! 

The other day I was thinking about some old fashioned memories that came in my mind after watching the style changes which happen these days. 
Do you remember when our mothers or grandmothers told us not to throw away clothes because "maybe they will come back in fashion"? It happened all the time to me! 
What we all used to do was probably throwing them in the bottom of a drawer and forgetting about them. 

But of course, fashion industry is so unpredictable that decided to revive piece of clothing that we would have never thought to be even close to be seen around again. Just think about skater skirts, bow ties, sneakers combined with smart dresses and, expecially for us 90's kids, crop tops and bell-bottom pants!
I personally love this way of getting inspired by the past while creating the style of the present and the future; it's like adding a new story to every piece of clothing.
I've always liked wearing my mother's or my grandmother's clothes because it almost felt like wearing a piece of them and a piece of the experiences, laughs and emotions they lived and felt while wearing them.
As I once read in a book, it's like wearing the dress who has been to the ball and in which somebody danced all night. 
Fashion is something that you can only live and create and you can't really explain but I think that keeping a piece of the past in some of our beautiful and new style ideas of the future will make them even more meaningful; at the same time I think that beside them there are fresh, unique, and more and more creative styles which have to be in the front row as well! They keep us from getting bored and from having lack of originality!
I got inspired doing a couple of moodboards for a scholarship contest, so I decided to share them here too! As you may notice one of them has personal pics taken by my family or by me!

Hope you enjoyed and let me know what you think of fashion revivals and which ones are your favourite!

V. x

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