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What to wear: Ankle booties edition

12:16 AM

Hello everyone! Today I'd like to share with you a few ways to wear ankle booties! 
You probably have seen them in lots of styles, colours, patterns... ankle booties are the trend of the moment which doesn't seem to stop and we cannot start the cold season without including them!

The first option is a casual look, the typical no-stress one, when we only want to wear a pair of jeans and a comfortable jumper: with a pair of ankle booties we are safe! We keep the outfit plain and simple but with an extra edgy touch!

Immagine 3

This second one is for whoever wants to be more creative, perfect for a shopping day: wool dress, leather jacket and bag in neutral colours which are brighten up by the floral pattern of the booties, which matches the colour range of the entire look.

Immagine 2

The third option is more classy, with an oversize dress, tights, a trench and a cute bag, playing with a light/dark contrast and bringing the outfit on an other level with the open booties which are more sofisticated than the usual ones.


This last one is for those nights when heels feel like killers: here we have the confirm that the right pair of ankle booties can keep the elegant vibe of the outfit even if we are heels-free! The trick is chosing a nice pair with metal or sparkling details, maybe matching it with a bright blazer, a evening bag and of course our favourite little black dress!
Hope you enjoyed today's suggestions and that you found some cool ideas among this outfits!


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